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Womanpreneur Summit

The Small Business Center at Brunswick Community College is seeking to help address the specific challenges facing women business owners at its Womenpreneur Empowerment Summit. The three-day event runs all day Nov. 14 and 15 with a networking event to close it out on the evening of Nov. 16. All events will be held at the Odell Williamson Auditorium on the campus of Brunswick Community College.

The summit includes Keynote addresses from Tracy Newark, co-owner of Genesis Block, and Fran Scarlett, owner of Scarlett Ink Media as well as panel discussions, break-out sessions on a variety of topics, and some speed networking. The first day closes with a self defense class and the second day closes with headshot sessions, featuring help from BCC Cosmetology students.

“I learned since the pandemic that 49 percent of new businesses were female-owned,” said April Scott, director of the BCC Small Business Center.

“There are some differences in how women versus men move through the process of starting and running a business,” Scott explained. “Women often juggle families, a household, and a 9-5 while getting started. They tend to have a different motivation.”

Scott said that studies show women feel less confident than men when it comes to starting a business. “We want to empower women and give them the tools to start their dream business while being a mother and wife…they don’t have to give up one for the other,” she said.

Keeping the entire focus on women is an important part of the summit according to Scott. “We want to make this a safe space to talk with the professionals about struggles they are facing and receive support and guidance on how they juggle several things while working on starting a business,” she said. “This event is for women by women, so they will be with ladies from food industries, marketing, banking, etc. who were all once in the same position they are.”

“All industries can benefit from the information and networking that will happen during this three-day summit. Females who are still considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, those in the middle or even those that are experiencing growing pains, will hear from women in different stages of their business and their own growing pains,” said Scott. “Keynote speakers will talk about their struggles along the way, life reflections, but how sweet it can be on the other side.”

Registration for the Womenpreneurship Empowerment Summit is required and seats are limited. The cost is $50 per attendee and includes breakfast and lunch on the two full days of sessions. Anyone outside Brunswick County is also welcome to attend. To sign up or just learn about the Summit, visit

“While this summit is focused on female entrepreneurship, the Small Business Center is open to all that have questions, need guidance or resources venturing through the process,” added Scott.


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