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Leland 2045

Leland is looking forward. As the town experiences the fastest growth in the state of North Carolina, it is revising and updating its land

use and transportation plans to fit predicted needs up to 25 years in the future. The town has partnered with a consulting firm, Design Workshop, to create the Leland 2045 plan tp continue intelligently guided growth.

The plan will include the following elements:

  • Community Assessment – A thorough review of population, housing, demographic, and economic trends, and projections

  • Natural Resources, Resiliency, and Hazard Mitigation – An analysis of environmental assets, areas for preservation and conservation, and how future development can be guided in a manner to minimize susceptibility to natural disasters

  • Historic, Cultural, and Heritage Preservation and Enhancement – An inventory of historic, cultural, and heritage resources and information and how future development can celebrate and enhance the history and culture of the area

  • Land Use and Community Design – An analysis of Leland's existing land use and recommendations for a framework for future development that creates place-based neighborhood nodes and transects

  • Housing – A review of housing needs and trends and recommendations that will create strong neighborhoods that support lifelong housing needs

  • Transportation – Recommendations for a multi-model transportation network that supports the desired future land use patterns, including bicycle and pedestrian facility recommendations, a collector street network, street infill recommendations, and recommendations for applications of street types

  • Implementation – Specific goals, policies, and action items to implement each element of the Leland 2045 plan

The public is welcome and invited to participate in this project in several ways. Citizens can access an online survey via the Town of Leland website and email comments Comments to In person, there is a Public Engagement Hub available by appointment. And a series of community workshops are planned. The first was held in January and the next two will be in March and August. There is even a special form for children to add their thoughts. Details and links to all theses input methods are found at


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