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Jeff Moss Leads North Brunswick Chamber

With growth comes opportunity, and the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce stands ready to help new and existing businesses meet those opportunities head on. That’s just one of the themes for the year for recently-installed Chamber President, Jeff Moss, who owns the College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving franchise in Wilmington, and is opening a second location as well.

Keeping customers on the Brunswick County side of the river is important to the business leaders in the north end, and it’s something Moss said the Chamber recognizes as well.

“Extreme growth…that’s what businesses rely on,” Moss said. “You’ve got the chance to grow your business as the community grows. A lot of new businesses will keep springing up. You want people to be able to not have to cross the bridge for various goods and services. They can stay here and get it here.”

The North Brunswick Chamber represents several areas — Belville, Leland, Navassa, Northwest, Sandy Creek, Town Creek and Winnabow. Moss said he would love to see the day when people come from other parts of the state to enjoy a venue in Brunswick County, and he hopes to draw more people from Wilmington to the businesses in the northern part of Brunswick County as well.

“That is the collective goal for all of us engaged in business in the northern part of Brunswick County, to figure out what we have and what is it that’s not here,” he said.

While Moss said he plans to build on work already in progress at the Chamber, he is bringing in new ideas as well, such as doing a 360-degree review of all Chamber events.

“There is no such thing as perfection, so we’re doing 360 reviews of everything the Chamber does. We sat down as a board of directors and said how can we do this better,” he said. Members will notice changes to the awards and recognitions process next summer, for example. Members will have just a few choices per category for voting, with the idea that implementing criteria for eligibility will make the awards more meaningful.

Moss said he doesn’t want there to be any hesitation for a business when a dues bill or an invitation to join the Chamber comes.

“The Chamber also has to educate consumers about the cost of doing business and that it is money well spent,” Moss said.

That means making sure the Chamber is meeting the needs of the business community, and Moss said there would be an increased focus on networking opportunities, such as Power Connections and Happy Hour Highlights. These events give business owners the chance to meet and learn more about what goods and services their fellow members are offering.

“They need to know the owners of the businesses and see the owners engage,” Moss said.

That can lead to genuine referrals and even more engagement in the business community, Moss explained. It’s about looking for community-minded businesses, such as those which support the local schools, people who donate the resource of their time to speak on leadership topics, and some fundamental business rationale — the things that are the hallmark of good business.

“We’re just trying to get everyone to engage in new ways,” Moss explained.

Moss relies on core business principles, such as those found in Six Sigma and Kaizen, in his everyday business life as well.

“I don’t think you should ever feel like you tripped and fell into success. You should know how you got there,” Moss said.

Following service in the U.S. Army, service in the Reserves, and a career in corporate America, Moss found himself downsized, and changed directions, opening the College Hunks franchise location. Housing and population growth have been good for the moving business, as people move to the area and want to unload furniture and items they no longer need. It’s not all about moving stuff from one place to another though.

Moss takes the opportunity to build up new leaders seriously. He said he has a white board at the office, and he keeps a word or phrase on it until the concept has been mastered. The current selection is “attention to detail.”

His year as Chamber President is off to a good start, and Moss is looking forward to even more businesses opening and joining the Chamber. He said that anyone who wants to know more about becoming an entrepreneur is encouraged to attend one of the Chamber’s events and talk to other business owners.

“That’s the goal for the Chamber, to be there for businesses and help them accomplish their goals,” Moss said.


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