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Brodee's Dogs and Brew House

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the Town of Leland has experienced significant growth in the past 10 years. We have new housing developments, new stores and new places to eat. The town developers have a vision of what could make Leland better and what it could become. And so does Wendy Martin.

Wendy is the new owner of Brodee Dogs Brew House, located at 103-A Village Road, NE, near Food Lion. Since August, 2021, Wendy has taken the original shop, Brodee Dogs, to a whole new level. She has introduced gourmet burgers and can accommodate some special diets (just ask.) The hot dogs are all beef and can include a choice of a variety of toppings. You can get a simple dog with just ketchup and mustard, or you can try the Brodee Dog, a bacon wrapped, deep fried hot dog with Brodee sauce and Monterey Jack and shredded Cheddar cheese. If you like sweet, hot, or out of the ordinary, Wendy has something for you.

The burgers are the same—high quality meat with an unusual style. The Carolina burger comes with coleslaw that is actually on the burger.

Wendy spent 15 years in the field of medical sales before following her dream and taking a leap of faith. “I’m a dreamer,” she said. Wendy was looking for a food venue where she could introduce a concept. She wanted to give people the experience they want. “This place quenches my creative side,” she said. “I have pride in ownership. We aren’t a franchise, so I can make it as different and appealing as I want. We’re always trying new things to see what our customers like.”

The biggest change Wendy made is helping to introduce craft beers to the immediate area. Most are made by small independent brewers who do not distribute widely. Wendy tries to stay in the North Carolina footprint when she looks for new beers. Among others, she carries Salty Turtle, made in Surf City, and Eastern Carolina Classic from Casita Brewing Company in Wilson, North Carolina. She wants to bring in beers that you would have to travel to try.

She laughed and said, “If there’s one thing I can say for certain, it’s that Leland likes lighter craft beers.” She does carry stouts, but wants to offer what the residents of Leland like and want.

Good food and a strong customer focus are Wendy’s top priority. Her vision for the future of Brodee Dogs Brew House includes live music on the patio on weekends, parents and kids enjoying a yard game near the patio, or even an antique car show in the parking lot. Wherever her vision takes her, Wendy and the new Brodee Dogs Brew House are a welcome addition to the community.


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