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4th Friday Art Market

A new monthly open air market at Shuckin’ Shack is building on the success of a one-day event last spring. This summer season, residents and visitors in the North Brunswick area can shop for all kinds of local art, jewelry and more, once a month on the fourth Friday. We stopped by the market last April (I still love the leather bracelet I picked up), and spoke with event organizer Jenn Maksymiak, owner of JEMS of the Sea. She is again organizing the market, and gave us all the details.

We see that the markets will be on the fourth Friday, May through September. What time will they be? And will they be in that same area adjacent to the restaurant?

The markets will be from 4-8 pm Yes, they will be in the same area as last April - the parking lot right next to Shuckin' Shack. I may put a few vendors in the front yard area as well, but I know customers enjoy using that area for dancing and playing cornhole and other outside lawn games.

How many vendors do you have lined up already? Is there room for more? If so, who would interested vendors reach out to?

I have about 15 vendors lined up per market so far, but would like to have a total of 30 per market. Potential vendors can reach out to me via Facebook or email ( There is an application I ask them to complete. I'm looking for established vendors who have an online presence and are practiced in doing markets.

What can shoppers expect to find at the market?

Shoppers can expect to find a variety of fine crafts and artwork. This is not a farmer's market, flea market, or craft show. I'm curating the vendors carefully and looking for original work, handmade/handcrafted products, unique ideas, and professional booth settings. All vendors will be local to the greater Wilmington area. There will not be any commercial vendors or multi-level marketing vendors. I think it's also important to note that the vendor line-up will not be the same at every if a customer sees something they like, they might want to snag it right then and there because there is no guarantee that particular vendor will be at the next market.

How has this grown into a monthly event during the season?

After the success of the April market last year, I had many vendors and customers ask if I was going to have another one this year. I figured, why just have one, when I can have many? However, most vendors already participate in weekly Saturday markets during the summer or are already booked with long, all weekend markets. I figured Friday evenings would work out well. Many customers already enjoy the food and live music at Shuckin' Shack on Fridays, so why not add in some shopping?

I also opted for the 4th Friday to kind of piggy-back off the Wilmington Fourth Friday Gallery Nights. As amazing as the Wilmington Fourth Friday Gallery Nights are, the artwork is mostly limited to high-end, 2-dimensional artwork. Having another venue to display and sell more moderately priced work, functional artwork seems like a win-win.

And an open-ended question — what else would you like our readers to know?

I'd like your readers to know how much we (the small business owners/vendors) appreciate their support. Shopping local/small is so very important to the support of your local economy. We're happy to be able to provide our customers with well-made arts/crafts that we put our hearts into and take pride in. :)

In addition, I'm very happy to be working with Sarah Lookingbill/Shuckin' Shack in this endeavor. They are a wonderful restaurant, offering local seafood, local musical talent, employing local people, and supporting local art. Can't beat that!


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