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Row Your Boat

Well if there was ever a time to start rowing - now is the time. The cool crisp mornings, gentle breezes and calm waters make for a lovely day out on the local waterways. The Town of Leland and the Eagle Island Rowing Club are two great choices to get started.

Leland Kayak Adventures

The Town of Leland offers Kayak Adventures each month. For October they are exploring Eagle Island.

Kayak Adventure - Eagle Island- Oct 13, 2019, Sun 8:30am to 11:30am

Location: Brunswick Riverwalk Park, 580 River Road, Belville

Price: $45.00

Ages: 16 and up

Last day for registration: Oct 10, 2019

Sturgeon Creek and Eagle Island are just minutes away from downtown Leland and offer a great chance to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Eagles Island, consisting of approximately 3,100 acres situated between Wilmington and Leland, lies in the confluence of the Cape Fear and Brunswick Rivers.

This adventure is an easy 5.5 mile kayaking adventure that is timed to take advantage of the falling tides, allowing you to paddle with the outgoing tide. This adventure should take no longer than 3 hours from the time set out on our adventure and will conclude at Cypress Cove Park. A shuttle system will run to get vehicles from Brunswick Riverwalk Park. Come dressed for fun and adventure along the river!

Eagle Island Community Rowing Club

This local club meets regularly, plans trips and offers demos every Saturday morning. (weather permitting) They are creating community, one stroke at a time. According to their website, here are the details and answers to some frequently asked questions.


Although we are all willing to sweep row, our current fleet includes only sculls. That means each rower holds two oars - one in each hand. We enjoy teaching others about our favorite sport.

We are watchers of sunrises, sunsets and wildlife

We typically row at dawn and near dusk for the lowest winds/waves; this also happens to be the time wildlife is most active. Our retired members can take advantage of good conditions any time of day! After being vetted as a member, you can soak up the silence in a single or join a group in the quad. Either way, there is often coffee and a smile; we love to share flat “glassy” water.

We will be hosting demonstration days the first Saturday of each month from 9 - 11 am; other weekend days you are likely to find us in the vicinity of the dock between 7 and 10 am. (weather permitting).

10/5/19 - Monthly Demo/Work Day

We invite the public to visit us at our site at Riverwalk Park, view some of our equipment, try an erg and meet the Crew! Crew is invited to come work on shells. Bring water and snacks.

9 am - 11 am Riverwalk Park, Belville

10/19/19 Celebration of the Dock

RESCHEDULED: Show and Tell for appreciated guests with member supplied potluck. Rain Date: 10/26/19.

4 pm - 6 pm

Riverwalk Park, Belville

When do you row?

We currently have community rows Wednesday evenings at 6 and Saturday mornings at 7. Other opportunities can be arranged with members via a reservation board and email.

Can I learn more about boats?

You betcha! We have monthly maintenance days the first Saturday of each month and Neil is always happy for an extra pair of hands buffing hulls in the mornings.

But I don’t know if I can do this......

And you won’t know until you try...many of our members are new to rowing and some are even new to southeastern NC. We are grateful to Belville for letting us launch from their park and welcome visitors.

What boats comprise the EICR fleet?

We have several several singles, ranging from stable craft suitable for novice rowers (the Can Do canoe) to more typical shells Alden ocean rowing shells, Maas Aeros, and the Alden Star. We also have a Swift double and a Swift quad.

How do I get in shape for rowing?

Rowing is a unique full body workout that builds strength, endurance and teamwork. You must swim, be flexible and strong enough to raise yourself from a seated position on the floor, be able to lift 40 pounds overhead and feel comfortable on the water.

What do I wear to try rowing?

We recommend you wear close-fitting clothing to avoid getting stuck on oar handles or seat slides. Layers appropriate to the weather are always a good idea, as are sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and bug spray. If everything goes according to plan, you shouldn’t get wet, but many of us keep a change of clothes in the car - just in case. If you plan to carry a phone or car key, bring a small dry bag.

If you are new to rowing, there are many interesting and new things that you’ll discover, including the equipment used in the sport. Following is a basic description of the equipment to help in your understanding.

The Boats – Sculls and Shells

All rowing boats can be called shells. Rowing boats with scullers in them (each person having two oars) are called sculls, e.g., single scull, double scull, quadruple scull. So, all sculls are shells but not vice versa! Originally made of wood (and many beautifully crafted wooden boats are made today), newer boats – especially those used in competition – are made of honeycombed carbon fiber. They are light and appear fragile but are crafted to be strong and stiff in the water.

The oars are attached to the boat with riggers, which provide a fulcrum for the levering action of rowing.

For more information visit their website:

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