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Owl Howl in Belville

For all you nature lovers, bird watchers and environmentalists, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of local bird life and learn about Raptors up close and first-hand.

Owl Howl

October 19 (rain date November 9)


Riverwalk at Belville, Free Admission

See live raptors, hold a bird and take a picture, flight demonstration, vendors, children’s activities, raffles, silent auction, music, food, Sponsored by Cape Fear Raptor Center

From Cape Fear Raptor Center: We are a 100% volunteer organization that was started by Dr. Joni Shimp (our executive director). We work out of the Rocky Point Animal Hospital. We take in injured raptors (eagles, hawks, owls, kites, vultures, ospreys) We have 2 missions: the first is to rehabilitate the injured raptor with the ultimate goal of releasing it back into the wild, the second is to educate the public regarding the role of raptors in their ecosystem.

Birds come to us primarily with injuries sustained from flying into a car, lead poisoning, being shot, or being electrocuted. Injuries range from broken bones, to dehydration, to concussions, to avian diseases.

We average 40 birds on site at any one time in all stages of recuperation. Once their injury is healed we will fly them in order to evaluate their ability to succeed if we release them. If they are unreleasable, they might become education birds for us or for any center in the US.

We attend as many local festivals as possible to talk to the public about these amazing birds. We also give programs to local schools, scouts and other organizations. We offer tours of the center, run an adopt-a-raptor program and offer a 2 hour raptor experience.

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