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High TECH Leland!

High-Tech Launch Leland Police Department Announces New Digital Crime Map Tool It seems that there is always an APP for that. The ever growing Leland is not only embracing new technologies to enhance systems, they are now using it to map crime. The Leland Town website now includes an interactive map to track real time crime data.

The Leland Police Department now provides near real-time crime information through the recently launched Community Crime Map digital tool to keep the public informed about crime.

Community Crime Map automatically syncs to Leland Police Department’s secure record system, cleans data to protect privacy, and displays it to the public, both online and in the mobile app, so citizens are aware of events that occur in their area and take action to stay safe.

The crime data displayed on the map, grid and dashboard is geocoded and included basic information about each incident, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date and time. Leland citizens can view the map and grid of reported crimes, sign up for emailed neighborhood watch reports, and submit an anonymous tip about a crime directly to Leland Police. Community Crime Map goes beyond crime mapping by automatically alerting citizens about recent crime activity and improving communication between the public and law enforcement through anonymous tipping. This is a valuable tool for law enforcement to communicate crime activity to the public, and for the public to be empowered to make informed decisions by understanding crime activity in their neighborhood.

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