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See Click Fix!

The Town of Leland takes on an APP and puts the power in the hands of the people! BY ami brown With the Town of Leland growing by leaps and bounds, there are always maintenance issues to take care of. More utility trucks, construction and in general more people and traffic. The management of some of those little annoy- ing, non-emergency problems is now in the hands of the residents.

Leland has taken a leap forward utilizing smart phone APP technology called SeeClickFix to allow residents to take a snapshot of an issue - maybe a pothole, a broken or missing street sign, a broken water fountain, a ditch not draining, etc... This photo goes straight to the Town for review and can be assessed for repair. This is a great tool for the residents, and allows the Town to have thousands of “eyes on the ground” to help with locating problems. If you go to the website:, you can click on the “Report a Problem” tab and download the free App. You can also track your issue and see what others have reported as well. This is a handy tool and should make maintenance and repairs much more streamlined for the Town, saving time and resources. Currently the APP only works in the Town Limits. Of course if the issue is an emergency or an immediate hazard, you should always call 911. SeeClickFix is a powerful mobile platform for collectively improving towns and cities. and is in use with several large communities like: Houston, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Albuquerque to name just a few.

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