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Caroline Dare Shines!

Another Taylor Swift? Caroline Dare, 16 yr old singer - songwriter performs in Leland, Mar 24th at the LCAC. BY Ami Brown At only 16 years old, it’s no wonder she’s on the Nashville Songwriter’s Association’s list of Ones to Watch! Based part time in NC and part time in Nashville, this girl is on the move...up, up and up! Catch her performance at the Leland Art Center as part of the Youth Art Day Celebration on March 24th, 10am - 2pm.

I wanted to get to know a little more about this incredibly talented teen, so I reached out and asked her a few questions I bet you all want to know!

1) When did you start playing the guitar, singing and song writing? I learned my first few chords when I was 10, but I really started regularly playing as soon as i got a guitar of my own for my 11th birthday. i didn’t sing publicly until half a year later, which is also right after I wrote my first song.

2) Do you play any other instruments? Guitar is my strongest instrument, but I also play ukulele and a little bit of piano, although I’ve never taken piano lessons.

3) Who inspires you? I have several influences and inspirations, and I will continue to gather more as time goes on. I listen to newer things. I was originally influenced by people such as Ed Sheeran. I later started listening to different genres of music & songs from older time periods as well & that helped inspire me.

4) They say talent can run in the family... Are there any other musically talented family members? I am the only musical one in my family. My parents are both in the medical field and my brother is into history and science. He plays a bit of guitar but he prefers to be out of the spotlight.

5) Do you ever get stage fright? I’ve never had to deal with stage fright. I’ve always been comfortable on stage & I’ve never had to worry about impressing anyone. I usually tell people who are dealing with stage fright to breathe deeply & remember that their audience encourages them to do well.

6) You’ve had an amazing career so far, what is the single most amazing thing you’ve done? I believe that the most amazing thing I’ve done was to be able to connect with girls all around the world just by sharing my own original music. It can be hard to get people to listen to you and your songs, let alone getting people to like them. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to anyone who needed it & they listened to me. I’m so thankful to be connected with my audience.

7) Do you have any hidden talents or other special skills you’d like to Share? I can give really good advice! I’ve learned to communicate maturely with people, & I’m able to work out problems that come my way. I’m really into health and fitness, and a lot of my friends ask for advice about it. 8) How do you balance school and touring... that must be hard? Balancing high school and music is extremely tough. I know exactly what I want to do in my future, and school can feel like an absolute burden sometimes. Music is already my job, and I’m never lounging around and doing nothing. It’s an everyday thing, and it’s hard to have to balance school on top of that. Thankfully, I’m homeschooled, so I can travel and not worry about being behind so much. I’ve only been homeschooled for two years, so I’m still trying to find a happy medium.

9) What is your favorite TV show? I love reality tv and comedies! My mom and I love watching shows about modeling such as ‘Making a Model’, ‘Model Squad’, and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. I’m also a secret ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ viewer on the down low. My favorite comedy show right now is ‘Parks and Recreation’.

Even though she travels and tours, she seems like a typical teen, with just that extra spark! Catch her at the Leland Cultural Art Center on March 24th, 10am-2pm.

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