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Electrolysis: The Simple Solution Not just for women, this permanent hair removal is for anyone! Story by Kris Beasley If you are in the mood to have smooth legs, a hair-free lip or the perfect bikini line – oh did I mention permanently? Well this happens to be the perfect option. Tess Risano at Electrolysis By Tess, is the only Brunswick County certified Electrologist, and what she does is the only approved way to have a permanent hair free result. Other treatments like laser or waxing are only temporary, or offer a reduction of hair. This procedure targets the root of the hair and Tess really knows her stuff. If you are skeptical, she even offers a free consultation with a short treatment. I asked her a few important questions that we all want to know.

What makes your electrolysis services different than any others? I’m the only licensed electrologist in Brunswick County. My prices are competitive and affordable. I’m local and you don’t even have to cross the bridge. I also go above and beyond certification requirements. Who is your typical client? I have clients from 13 years old to 89, both men and women. Anyone that wants to have permanent hair removed – hair of any color. With laser the hair has to be dark to work, and it’s not permanent. But with electrolysis, I can remove any color. Men, women, transgender clients. About 30-40% of my clients are men. I take care of a lot of Brides from St James as well. What are the most common areas for hair removal? With women – underarms, arms, lip or facial hair. With men – I do a lot of ears, nose and necks – beards and eyebrows. I also take care of ingrown hairs. One question everyone wants to know – does it hurt? If it’s done right, no it should not hurt, and should never be painful. There are some areas of the body that are more sensitive than others making it a little uncomfortable, such as the upper lip. For an overly sensitive area there are numbing creams available. How much is a session? What is unique about my service, is that pricing is based on actual time spent. So it depends on the area you need covered. You can have a session as short as 15 minutes for $25, or as long as an hour if needed. The larger the area, the more time is needed to remove the hair.

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Tess Risano Electrolysis By Tess 910.467.6699 1022 Grandiflora Dr. Suite 130 Magnolia Greens, Leland

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