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Connecting With You

Connecting with You Katie Beecher gives intuitive readings that help discover emotional health. BY LISA STITES In this month that celebrates all things love, it’s a good time to remember that fostering good relationships with others and loving and caring for yourself are important to maintaining a healthy you.

“Love is so important to physical and emotional health. I cannot tell you how many times I get people who are sick and have no idea why and then I find out they’re in really crappy relationships and they want me to fix them. And conversely, people who have gotten better and part of that was getting out of a relationship that wasn’t good for them,” Katie Beecher said. Beecher is a licensed counselor, and she is also a medical and emotional intuitive and medium. She moved to Southport from Connecticut six months ago, but works with clients from anywhere. A session with Beecher will involve giving her your name and age ahead of time, and receiving a written report about things she picks up on regarding your health, which she also portrays with a drawing of your body, with colors highlighting different aspects in areas of the body. Beecher makes it clear that she does not offer a diagnosis, saying that would be irresponsible. She does not try to take the place of a medical doctor. In fact, she gives suggestions for things to follow up with your medical practitioner. And she recommends vitamins or supplements specific to what she sees going on with a client. “I may pick up on symptoms,” she said. “I always help people find someone I respect to get a responsible diagnosis and treatment.” Beecher said she was just 16 when she embraced her abilities, though throughout her childhood, she knew something about her was different. “I don’t know exactly when I figured out that I could talk to dead people,” she said. “I always picked up stuff from people.” Beecher didn’t have anyone to talk to about what she was experiencing so she just shut down any abilities. When she was 16, she turned to her pediatrician for help with an eating disorder. She hadn’t told her parents or anyone else about it, but she felt compelled to call her doctor, who found her a Jungian therapist. “She really helped me to be ok with my abilities, to accept them, to understand them and to connect to my intuition,” Beecher said of the therapist. The Jungian philosophy, named for famed Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, focuses on the self, a connection to the body. “That really saved my life,” Beecher said. Beecher went to school to be a therapist and during her work, she realized that she works intuitively. “I realized I was getting messages from guides, and that’s when I worked the best,” she said. “I started accidentally channeling relatives from clients and realized this wasn’t going away.” Beecher joined a spiritualist church, which she said helped her develop these gifts. Later, she happened upon a workshop by Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, a medical intuitive. At the beginning of the course, she was given a name and an age and she found that she ended up knowing a lot about her unknown subject. She then took a year-long training with Dr. Schultz, practiced a lot, and incorporated medical intuitive readings into her work. Beecher is also writing a book and is in negotiations with a publisher. Beecher understands that the work she does may not appeal to everyone. “That’s ok. I don’t have any great explanation for how I do this,” she said. As a clinician, she said it was very important for her to establish empirical data, as much as she could. She was asked to do a study for a peer-reviewed journal, and when she couldn’t find other studies with data relevant to her work, she did one of her own. She gathered information from clients, and with their permission, from their medical practitioners, to compare her readings and their actual medical data. She said her accuracy was at 97 percent. Maintaining credibility is important to Beecher - it’s why she sends her reading report and picture before meeting with a client. She said it’s important because then she can’t bluff her way through a reading. Most of the people who seek her help probably have some experience with holistic healing. Beecher said they might be a little skeptical because they have been to so many other people and not gotten better, but that most of the time when they receive the report, they are impressed. Beecher doesn’t just spend an hour with a client - she will work with someone later for no additional change as questions arise. “I actually care. I don’t have anything to prove to anybody,” she said. To find out more about Beecher and the work she does, visit or find her on Facebook at To schedule an appointment, visit So how does this actually work? I didn’t just interview Beecher to write a story. She also did a session with me. As she picked up on in her report, I tend to not share things easily, so while I won’t share specifics about my personal session, I will give a little insight. Armed with just my name and age, Beecher gave me a profile of what was going on with me medically, spiritually, and emotionally, and I think it was extremely accurate. I learned a lot about myself and things I should change, some things that I probably knew but needed to hear. Beecher was friendly and kind, encouraging, and non-judgmental, and she gave me a venue to open up, which, shockingly, I responded to. I am not necessarily a true believer about the ability to connect with spirits, but I am not a non-believer either. Regardless, I took a lot away from my session. I was reassured that it is not only ok for me to let things in the past go, it is better for me if I do. I really heard the message that it’s good for me to take time out from this crazy busy loud life to quiet things down and recharge myself and that I have to work on reducing unnecessary stress. I understood that it is not only acceptable to feel certain things, but that I need to feel them, even if I choose not to express them if it’s not the right time or place to do so. It was a great opportunity to take a look inward and make some promises to myself. And then I got to write about it, which always makes me happy.

To contact Katie you can send her an email: KATHERINEBEECHER @GMAIL.COM or visit

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