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Family Dog Naturals

Family Dog Naturals A Family Business with a unique message Story by Kris Beasley If you have a furry family member, then Family Dog Naturals is definitely a place you need to visit. This local Leland business prides themselves on quality products, and that total wellness starts with your pet’s healthy diet.

1 - What makes Family Dog Naturals different from other pet stores? To be honest we don’t really use the term “pet” too often, if at all. These animals are our companions and our family, that’s why it’s in our name! We think the major differences between Family Dog Naturals and the big box mega stores are that we are local and your neighbors. Not only is our store in Leland, but we also are proud to be Leland residents as well. We are not one of hundreds or even thousands owned by a huge corporation. In our business, corporate is right here behind the counter for you. 2 - Tell me a little about your background? Betsy has been involved with animal wellness and nutrition for the last 15 years, having worked for an holistic veterinarian up north in Connecticut. David had been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, and now in animal wellness & nutrition since we opened in 2013. 3 - What inspired you to open Family Dog Naturals? We’ve been in business for almost five years now after relocating from CT. We found at the time it was difficult to find a store on this side of the bridge that carried the type of clean, healthful food that we feed our two pups. Simply…we felt there was a need for it. 4 - Tell us a little about your best selling products. Some of our most popular products (outside of food) include a liquid joint supplement for dogs and cats that some say works wonders (both our dogs have flourished on it). A variety of all natural, easily digestible chews are always a hit. And last but certainly not least, our chemical/pesticide free flea & tick prevention products have been gaining popularity, considering some of the side effects those harsh chemicals can cause. 5 - Who is your typical customer? Our typical customer has particular standards when it comes to their animals. We pride ourselves in selecting a variety of quality products for them to choose from. They would also be one who wants only what is healthiest for their fur babies.

6 - What is the biggest myth when it comes to pet food/treats? (something people may not be aware of) Myths that come to mind are that you have to spend a lot of money for a quality, non-commercial diet, and that you should never switch an animal’s food. We feel it’s vital to change their proteins often. Another myth is that dry kibble cleans the dog’s teeth. In our experience, most dogs inhale and just swallow their food…how does that clean their teeth? Good old fashioned brushing, or a raw marrow bone once a week works like a charm! 7 - I see you carry dog vitamins and supplements.... tell us more about that. Do young, healthy dogs need it? Absolutely. A dog or cat of any age requires a daily dose of vitamins and minerals. We carry a variety of dog and cat supplements that complete any meal and keep the immune system strong. Just feeding dry or wet food, in our opinion, isn’t enough. 8 - If my dog has skin allergies, what kind of specialty grooming products do you offer? If you think your animal has allergies, the most important question we would ask is what you might be feeding them, including treats. We do carry a variety of natural, chemical free grooming sprays, salves and ointments to help with hot spots or skin irritations. More importantly, it may not be an allergy at all. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the harsh chemicals used not only for flea & tick products, but also chemicals used in lawn applications. We feel it’s always good to get to the root of the problem. 9 - My older dog is missing lots of teeth, do you have any kind of treat or special food that might be suitable? Of course. Freeze dried raw is always a winner for any dog in our opinion because it can be rehydrated so its moist, tasty and easy to chew. We carry an assortment of quality soft and chewy treats!

10 – My dog and cat are very particular when it comes to food and treats. Do you have any samples for them to try? Of course! Come by anytime and any one of our knowledgeable staff, either Betsy, Dave, Val or Shelby will be happy to consult with you about your needs and give you complimentary samples for your dog or cat.


1 - What was the last movie you saw? Bad Moms…so funny 2 - Do you binge watch anything? Yes…Stranger Things 3 - What is the one place you’d love to visit? We’ve always wanted to go to Italy…one of these days. 4 - Do you have any hidden talents? Not so much, we’re a pretty transparent couple but we like singing (no one else does though) 5 - What is your favorite hobby? (besides pet outings) Betsy likes walking trails and riding her bike, Dave likes woodworking and tennis.

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